Pool Resurfacing: The Best Option?

Backyard Swimming Pool with Diving BoardSo it’s time to resurface your pool. What should you do to get the best value for your money? Which option will take the least amount of work and last the longest? What method will be most effective?

According to InTheSwim, there are two options. You can re-plaster the surface of your pool or even use swimming pool paint.

Plastering will last about 15-20 years but will cost between $4000 to $6000. Painting will last from 2-7 years and will cost about $1000. Both methods will make your pool look new, and you can customize the color of either the plaster or the paint to your liking. In short, you may spend less using the painting strategy, but you’ll have to take on the project more often. The decision is up to you.

PoolPricer says that some lesser-explored options include fiberglass resurfacing, using aggregate (plaster combined with pebbles) or even tile. These methods are more expensive or not always available, so people tend to usually go with the upper to choices.

It’s a good idea to talk with more than one swimming pool service provider. This way, you are better able to negotiate a lower price.

Another smart tip is to ask these companies about maintenance and cleaning tips for after the application is complete. This can help you understand who is the most competent in providing swimming pool services and who you’d prefer to work with.

Pool Landscaping

Pool Landscaping with UmbrellasIf you want to upgrade the look of your pool, take a look at the surrounding landscape. Resurfacing your swimming pool is one way to brighten your yard, but a little landscaping can make a huge difference in both comfort and appeal.

We’re talking both hardscape and landscape here – not just plants and trees. You want the patio or surrounding deck to be functional and comfortable. Think seating, entertaining, walking, pets, etc..

Ways to Save Money

Start with what you already have. Not only will this cut your renovation costs, but it often makes the design process easier because you have a basic layout to start with. For example, turn your existing deck or patio into an outdoor room for relaxing by the pool. If you don’t have enough planting space, use container gardening to green up your yard.

Another thing to think about is that more does not always translate to better. Multi-functional furniture can open up the available space, making your backyard appear larger and more comfortable.

Don’t Overlook Safety

In addition, safety is a key factor in design. Family and friends should be able to easily walk around the backyard without running into things or slipping and falling. Minimize surfaces that will get slippery when wet or stairs where people can trip.

Incorporating these safety ideas into your planning before you start can save you headaches in the long run. Simplify your design and keep spaces versatile and open, and you will thank yourself later.

Less Work is Better

And don’t forget maintenance and upkeep. A backyard that requires minimal work will end up looking better because you have to put less work into it. This typically means using evergreen trees and shrubs, drought-tolerant plants and bypassing lawns and grass that requires mowing.

The Landscaping Network also suggests using rocks and water features, which can add lots of appeal yet require little maintenance.

Enhancing Your Space

Homeowners who enjoy spending time poolside during the summer usually like having outdoor fire pits, barbecues and dining areas as well. Consider permanent built-in structures which can increase the value of your home.

Portable furnishings also work well, since they have the added benefits of costing less and being, well, portable. HGTV has lots of ideas.

Think about what you want to do on those summer days and evenings when your family is spending time around the pool. Do you plan on entertaining friends, hosting barbecues, playing games or simply relaxing?